Vermeer List!

37 Vermeers
Painting First Seen on Frist seen in Location, City The Painting's Usual Location, City
The Little Street2005-01-29Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam
The Milkmaid2005-01-29Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam
Woman in Blue Reading a Letter2005-01-29Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam
Woman with a Pearl Necklace2005-08-22Gemäldegalerie, Berlin
A Lady Drinking and a Gentleman2005-08-22Gemäldegalerie, Berlin
Diana and Her Companions2005-09-01Mauritshuis, Den Haag
View of Delft2005-09-01Mauritshuis, Den Haag
Girl with a Pearl Earring2005-09-01Mauritshuis, Den Haag
Girl Interrupted at her Music2008-02-03Frick Collection, New York
Mistress and Maid2008-02-03Frick Collection, New York
Officer with a Laughing Girl2008-02-03Frick Collection, New York
Girl with a Red Hat2008-02-04National Gallery of Art, Washington
A Woman Holding a Balance2008-02-04National Gallery of Art, Washington
A Lady Writing a Letter2008-02-04National Gallery of Art, Washington
Girl with a Flute2008-02-04National Gallery of Art, Washington
Woman with a Lute near a Window2008-02-06Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
Woman with a Water Jug2008-02-06Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
Portrait of a Young Woman2008-02-06Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
The Allegory of Faith2008-02-06Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
The Guitar Player2008-02-28Iveagh Bequest Kenwood House, London
Lady Seated at a Virginal2008-02-28National Gallery, London
Lady Standing at a Virginal2008-09-23National Gallery, London
The Love Letter2008-12-30Van Gogh Museum, AmsterdamRijksmuseum, Amsterdam
The Geographer2009-01-03Städelsches Kunstinstitut, Frankfurt am Main
The Procuress2009-01-07Gemäldegalerie Alte Meister, Dresden
Girl reading a Letter at an Open Window2009-01-07Gemäldegalerie Alte Meister, Dresden
Lady writing a Letter with her Maid2009-01-09National Gallery of Ireland, Dublin
A Girl Asleep2009-03-29Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
A Young Woman Seated at the Virginals2009-03-29Metropolitan Museum of Art, New YorkLeiden Collection, New York
The Music Lesson2009-08-06Picture Gallery, Buckingham Palace, London
Christ in the House of Martha and Mary2010-04-15National Gallery of Scotland, Edinburgh
The Astronomer2010-07-04Louvre, Paris
The Lacemaker2010-07-04Louvre, Paris
The Allegory of Painting2010-07-07Kunsthistorisches Museum, Wien
The Girl with the Wineglass2010-07-11Burg Dankwarderode, BraunschweigHerzog Anton-Ulrich-Museum, Braunschweig
The Concert (stolen 1990-03-18, Frame only)2018-12-10Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Boston
Saint Praxedis2023-02-10Rijksmuseum, AmsterdamNational Museum of Western Art (Private Collection), Tokyo