Saranac Root Beer

Saranac Root Beer Saranac Root Beer Poured

This is root beer number 65, drank on 11 March, 2015.

Purchased at: Galcos

Made in: Utica, NY

Bottled by: The Matt Brewing Company

Cap style: twist off bottle cap

Volume: 12 fl. oz

Notable text on the bottle: People tell us our premium soft drinks are the best they have ever tasted. Since 1888 we have honored our great-grandfather’s commitment to tradition and quality.

Sweetened with: high fructose corn syrup

Natural or artificial flavor? both

Ingredients: filtered water, high fructose corn syrup, caramel color, sodium benzoate, (preserves freshness) natural & artificial flavors, citric acid

Calories: 180

Review: Sweet with a slightly nutty taste. Has a good bite and is very smooth and drinkable. Pretty nice root beer.

liquid color: medium-dark brown

Head? light but persistent

My Bottle was Kosher. (If you need to, check to make sure yours is too).

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