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Free & Easy Free & Easy Poured

This is root beer number 116, drank on 8 February, 2016.

Purchased at: Whole Foods

Made in: West Sussex, UK

Bottled by: Free Ltd.

Cap style: screw cap

Volume: 250 mL

Notable text on the bottle: An American class, based on the root of the sassafras plant, this drink will remind you of the great American Midwest and Rock ‘n’ Roll. Trying our authentic flavoured Root Beer will transport you back in time to a period when cares were free and times were fun.

Sweetened with: naturally occurring sugar

Natural or artificial flavor? natural

Ingredients: carbonated water, grape juice concentrate, colour: caramel, citric acid, sarsaparilla extract (0.1%), natural root beer flavouring (0.1%).

Calories: Unknown

Review: Essentially the same drink as the previous drink ‘Free Natural,’ this all natural soda is slightly more root beer like, but this time the base is grape juice concentrate.

liquid color: light red-orange

Head? none

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