Not Your Father’s Root Beer

Not Your Father’s Root Beer Not Your Father’s Root Beer Poured

This is root beer number 105, drank on 20 December, 2015.

Purchased at: Mr. Berry

Made in: La Crosse, WI

Bottled by: Small Town Brewery, Inc.

Cap style: pry off bottle cap

Volume: 12 fl. oz

Notable text on the bottle: Ale with the taste of spices. 5.9% alc/vol

Sweetened with: N/A

Natural or artificial flavor? both

Ingredients: Beer with natural vanilla extract, other natural and artificial flavors, and caramel color

Calories: Unknown

Review: This is a great alcoholic root beer! It is a little more drinkable than the previous one I had and feels less alcoholic going down, which might be a dangerous thing. Great flavors and mouthfeel.

liquid color: very dark burnt umber

Head? minimal, but good carbonation

This bottle was definitely not Gluten Free. (If you need to, check to make sure yours is too).

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