This is a page for the multi-volume They Might Be Giants setlist book, Rock/Rinse/Repeat. Volume 1 was released in the 2018 IFC membership and is now out of print. Volume 2 can be found in the 2024 IFC at the Executive Super-Boss and Medallion Level tiers.

Here is an up-to-date list of the setlists I have scanned. If you have any that I do not have, and would be willing to let me scan them, please get in touch at the email below. I am looking for Mono Puff and John Linnell setlists too.

Quality of the images is important. I scan the setlists with a Canon 9000F MkII (a CCD scanner with a large depth of field) in color at 600 DPI (5100 × 6600 pixels for an 8.5" × 11" page) with default brightness & contrast levels/settings, save them as tiff files, and then clean them up. The goal is to make them look as if they just came out of the photocopier.