Theremin Replica Volume Side

2005-2007 A working replica of an RCA Theremin. Electrically identical to the original instruments and housed in a handmade mahogany cabinet finished with a French polish.

Theremin Replica Pitch Side
Theremin Replica Back

Construction and process images

replica theremin chassis

I first built the cabinet from photos and rough drawings I found on the internet

replica theremin chassis, view from behind

I decided to let my replica have removable legs

Radiola 60 radio

I used an RCA Radiola 60 radio for the base of the replica circuit

Radiola 60 radio behing dismantled

Gutting the radio and salvaging parts

Wiring up the chassis

Wiring up the chassis

Hand-wound oscillator coils

Hand-wound oscillator coils

Lacing the cable

Lacing the cable in the style of the original

Fabricating the antenna

Fabricating the antenna

a handfull of volume loops

Making some extra volume loops

the replica powere dup

Powered up for the first time

replica theremin chassis, view from above

Pre-finish, but working

Original RCA Theremin, serial number 100043

For comparison

Theremin Original serial number 100034 Volume Side
Theremin Original serial number 100034 back